About Us

AMUSIO is an independent professional service provider in Tax, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software; that consists of six dynamic professionals having diverse
business knowledge in different business sectors.

The firm is with a vision to lead the business community attaining in depth requirements. What we
believe is good client service will excel firms’ overall strategy keeping transparency, accountability and
stakeholders’ interest in place.

Our Mission

“It’s a commitment to client’s satisfaction” that has been a part of AMUSIO’s mission since day one.

Core Values

2 “O”s briefly describes our Values: 
“One-Stop Solutions” and
“On-Time in-Full”.

These values define how we serve our clients, blending with our peers and value driven leadership.

Business Ethics

On top of everything, AMUSIO is devoted to act ethically in every decision making process that will uphold professionalism and business integrity. We believe in ASPIRATION, MOTIVATION, UNIFICATION, Sophistication, INNOVATION and ORIGINALITY (AMUSIO).